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by 엔돌슨 2007. 9. 16.


Part 5

107. advance (registration) is required for staff

오답보기 : operation, significance

문제유형 : 명사 어휘 문제

정답 : (A)

108. After the (initial) outlay of resources,

오답보기 : initially, initiate, initiation

문제유형 : 명사앞 형용사 찾아내는 어형문제

정답 : (D)

109. the company is still (optimistic) about a successful outcome

오답보기 : willing, visionary, assertive

문제유형 : 형용사 어휘 문제

정답 : (B)

110. and ask (to speak) to your account representative

오답보기 : speaking, spoke, has spoken

문제유형 : 동사 어형 문제

정답 : (B)

111. Mr. Desai has been president (for) over ten years.

오답보기 : in, up, from

문제유형 : 현재완료와 어울리는 전치사 찾는 문제

정답 : (B)

112. the team's (motivation) has noticeably improved

오답보기 : motivational, motive, motivate

문제유형 : has 동사와 수일치가 맞는 명사 찾는 어형문제

정답 : (D)

119. S were invited to (attend) interviews with ~

오답보기 : occur, contain, arrive

문제유형 : 적절한 동사 어휘 선택 (인터뷰에 참석하다) 

정답 : (A)

120. (Although) the forecasts called for , ~

오답보기 : Unless, But, Meanwhile

문제유형 : 적절한 의미의 접속사 선택 (비록 ~이지만) 

정답 (B)

121. S will need (approximately) 30 minutes to rearrange ~

오답보기 : briefly, rapidly, unpredictably

문제유형 : 적절한 부사 어휘 선택 (약 30분) 

정답 : (A)

122. Only (those) with a valid photo identification may ~

오답보기 : this, which, whose

문제유형 : ‘사람들’의 의미로 쓰이는 적절한 어휘 선택 

정답 : (D)

123. Due to (increase) product demand, ~

오답보기 : resolved, approached, involved

문제유형 : 적절한 형용사 어휘 선택 (증대된 수요) 

정답 : (A)

124. As a result of the company’s excellent (performance),

오답보기 : performed, performable, perform

문제유형 : 적절한 품사 선택 (형용사 뒤에 명사)

정답 : (C)

125. 주어 수식어 are exempt from (receipts) for reimbursement.

오답 : procedures, journeys, directions
해설 : 주어는 돈을 상환받기위해 영수증을 제출하지 않아도 된다는 문맥의 문장이므로 receipts를 정답으로 선택하는 명사어휘문제

정답 : (D)

126. During~, 주어 will undergo (substantial) renovations.

오답 : matured, producing, consumable

해설 : "renovations"를 수식할 수 있는 문맥상 적절한 형용사를 선택하는 형용사 어휘문제

정답 : (C)

127. 주어 is available to anyone who (purchases) a~~~~.           

오답 : purchase, purchaser, purchasing

해설 : 관계대명사 주격 뒤에는 동사가 필요하며 이 동사의 주어는 앞에 제시된 선행사인 "anyone"이므로 3인칭 단수 동사를 정답으로 선택하는 유형

정답 : (C)

128. 주어 will be located somewhere (along) the South Coast.

오답 : into, among, without

해설 : 수평축을 따라갈 때 사용될 수 있는 전치사인 "along"을 정답으로 선택하는 전치사 문제 유형

정답 : (D)

129. The (itinerary) for Mr. Ogawa's trip includes ~~.

오답 : position, circuit, pattern

해설 : 문맥상 여행일정이라는 의미의 명사가 필요하므로 "itinerary"를 정답으로 선택하는 어휘 문제

정답 : (B)

130. (One) of the musicians V ~~~.

오답 : Someone, The one, As one

해설 : "One of the 복수명사" 구조를 묻는 문제유형

정답 : (C)

131. ~ a solution (to) the problem


132. ~ system would (enable) 목 to complete projects~ .


133. ~ a primary (financial) concern among ~.


134. ~ is still a (relatively) small part of ~ .


135. ~ should be (directed) to Ms. Lee.


136. (since) 1982, Remorque Company has focused on ~.


Part 6

141. Seating is (limited) to 50 participants~

[문제유형] 분사 형용사 자리

[오답유형] limit, limiting, limitation

정답 : (B)

142. If the workshop is (full), ~

[문제유형] 형용사 어휘

[오답유형] solid, done, used

정답 : (B)

143. All workshops (will be held) in ~ Room

[문제유형] 알맞은 동사 형태. (시제+수동태)

[오답유형] have been held, were held, are holding

정답 : (A)

144 ~146 refer to the following Press Rease

144. The two company [ combine ] to form Sheffield Energy, which ~~~

[ 오답 ] improve / compete /  promote /

[ 문제유형 ] 문맥상 알맞은 동사 찾기

[정답]  D    

145. largest energy provider in Europe. Gisele Taubis, the [ present ]chairperson and chief executive officer of

[ 오답 ] future /  brief / potential

[ 문제유형 ] 문맥상 알맞은 형용사 찾기

[정답]  A                                                        

146. Ms. Taubits will also become the chairperson of the board of the new company [ following ] the merger.

[ 오답 ] follow /  follows /  will follow

[ 문제유형 ]  ~ 후에 란 의미는-  following                                          

[ 정답 ]  C             

150. they (currently) appear in the directory.

오답보기 : mainly, fairly, probably

문제유형 : 부사 어휘 고르기

151. make changes where necessary, and mail the (corrected) card back to our office by April 30.

오답보기 : correctly,  corrects, correction

문제유형 : 형용사 자리

152. (If) the information in the card is accurate, no action is required on your part.

오답보기 : Even, So that, Unless

문제유형 : 접속사 고르기

Part 7

156. what is included in the notice?

Information about how to enter a password

157-159 letter

157. What was sent to Ms.Aoki with this letter?

-A new contract

158. Under which circumstance will  Ms.Aoki be charged $70.00 fee?

-If she cancels her service early.

159. What must Aoki do to receive the call waiting service?

-Call the customer service department

160-162 Newspaper article

160. What is the main focus of the article?

-The revised food service policy of policy

161. What is implied about Jetsetter Airline?

-It has a good reputation among airlines

162. Which airline does not currently change passengers extra for food?


163. What is suggested about Dwight's Palace?

-It sells electronic equipment

162. Which flight does not currently charge passengers extra for food?

(A) Lotus

163~164 email

자사 제품인 헤드폰을 10개 이상 구매할 경우 15% 할인 서비스를 제공하겠다는 고객에게 보내는 이메일

163. What is suggested about Dwight's Palace?

(A) It sells electronic equipment

164. What offer is mentioned?

(B) A lower price on an item

165~168 article

Lafayette시 위원회의 승인을 받아 이제 곧 공사 착수할 예정인

구 모텔 자리의 새로운 주거 단지에 대한 기사문

165. What is suggested about Crestwood Motel?

(A) It no longer exists

166. When will the construction begin?

(D) When the DHD completes its review

167. What is not mentioned as a feature of the community?

(C) Walking and hiking trails

168. Who is Salvatore Graziano?

(A) The founder of Midland Classics

169 ~ 170 notice

한 발레 단체의 연례 행사 공지 (20 주년)

169. What is the purpose of this notice?

(A) To publicize an organization's yearly celebration

170. What type of performers will NOT appear in the event?

(D) Magicians

171. What is stated about The Princess?

(B) It will premiere on January 15.

172~175 email

직원들에게 time sheet와 홈페이지 업데이트를 위한 사진을 제출하라는 이메일

172. Where do the employees addressed in the email most likely work?

(B) At a cafeteria

173. Why is Mr. Harrington apologizing?

(C) He is allowing little time for a task to be completed.

174. What are the email recipients asked to do by Thursday?

(D) Report their work hours for a given period.

175. What does Mr. Harrington plan to do?

(A) Put photographs on the company website.


176~178 exerpt from an instruction manual

스캐너 청소에 관한 설명서

176. What should be used to clean the scanner glass?

(D) A soft cloth

177. According to the manual, why should the cleaner not be applied directly to the scanner glass?

(D) It may leak into the scanner

178. What should be done to clean the undersurface of the glass?

(A) A professional cleaning service should be called.

179. According to the manual, in what situation should the document feeder be cleaned?

(C) When streaks appear in images


Part 1


(A) The women are sitting down. *

(B) The women are putting on coats.

(C) The women are arranging some flowers.

(D) The women are cleaning the desk.


(A) Some people are loading a truck.

(B) Some people are getting out of a taxi.

(C) Some people are standing on the road. *

(D) Some people are waving from a bus.


(A) They’re moving the benches.

(B) They’re trying on shoes.

(C) They’re talking together. *

(D) They’re leaving the lobby.


(A) She’s writing a letter.

(B) She’s holding a camera.

(C) She’s picking a flower.

(D) She’s painting a picture. *


(A) The men are eating a meal.

(B) The men are washing the floor.

(C) The men are setting up tables.

(D) The men are wearing uniforms. *


(A) A car is parked in the street.

(B) Some people are outdoors. *

(C) A man is walking up the stairs.

(D) People are leaving the building.


(A) There are instruments standing against the wall. *

(B) The woman is combing her hair.

(C) There are bookshelves in front of the woman.

(D) The woman is placing her instrument in a case.


(A) He’s driving a vehicle.

(B) He’s opening a car door.

(C) He’s fixing a wheel. *

(D) He’s entering a garage.


(A) There’s a bridge over the water. *

(B) There’s a river through the forest.

(C) There are people bicycling down the mountain.

(D) There are boats crossing the water.


(A) Boxes are being closed.

(B) Fruit is being cut.

(C) There is mail on the table.

(D) There is fruit on display. *

Part 2

11. Who left the party first?

(A) That’s not right.

(B) Ms. Chan did. *

(C) Departure is at 3pm.

12. Do you want me to get you some coffee?

(A) About 15 cents per page.

(B) That would be great thank you. *

(C) Some of them are.

13. Should I take a warm coat to Berlin?

(A) Yes, it’s cold this time of year. *

(B) Take one every hour.

(C) That wall needs another coat of paint.

14. When will the factory be inspected?

(A) In October. *

(B) Yes, that’s to be expected.

(C) To insure safety procedures.

15. Did we send the document to Mr. Jenkins by email or fax?

(A) On Monday morning.

(B) Let me check. *

(C) No, don’t send it.

16. The copy machine hasn’t been repaired, has it?

(A) No, not yet. *

(B) We need two more pairs.

(C) Yes, it does.

17. That construction work outside certainly is noisy.

(A) Whose instructions?

(B) It should be finished soon. *

(C) An indoor seating area.

18. Why are you throwing those pages out?

(A) She’s very athletic.

(B) 50 cents a copy.

(C) They aren’t needed anymore. *

19. How many people will be attending the product demonstration?

(A) Tuesday at 2:00.

(B) I’ve never tried it.

(C) Approximately 20. *

20. I would take the highway if I were you.

(A) Yes you were.

(B) Isn’t it closed? *

(C) At least 30 minutes.

21. What should I do if I have a question?

(A) You can call me. *

(B) That’s a good answer.

(C) I think you should.

22. Where do you store the office supplies?

(A) The store is open until 8pm.

(B) In the cabinet over there. *

(C) Yes, I need to buy some.

23. Why don't we share a taxi to the airport?

(A) I arrived yesterday.

(B) That’s a good idea. *

(C) No thanks, I'm not hungry.

24. Could you meet with the client tomorrow or should I ask someone else?

(A) They've already left.

(B) It is a little cold.

(C) Sure, I can do it. *

25. How long have you been with our company Monica?

(A) It’ll be two years next month. *

(B) I’d like to, but I’m busy tomorrow.

(C) It’ll take about three hours.

26. Who’s going to be the new assistant director?

(A) I think John got the job. *

(B) No thanks, I don’t need any help.

(C) She’ll be going next week.

27. Why hasn’t Eric signed the invoice yet?

(A) Maybe they are.

(B) I’ll find out. *

(C) Yes, really busy.

28. Did you find your computer training helpful?

(A) Yes, it was very useful. *

(B) He’s coming on the train.

(C) I think I’ve lost it.

29. When does this ticket expire?

(A) By any airline agent.

(B) 55 dollars and 25 cents.

(C) A year from the date of issue. *

30. Didn’t Miss Dinn file the insurance paper last month?

(A) Installing some tiles.

(B) It still doesn’t work.

(C) I’ll have to ask her. *

31. Do you have these shirts in other colors?

(A) This isn’t that short.

(B) Here, on the price tag.

(C) Yes, would you like a blue one? *

32. Can I fill out this application form by hand?

(A) I feel fine.

(B) Yes, if you print neatly. *

(C) I don’t know where she’s from.

33. What time are you leaving the office today?

(A) It takes about an hour.

(B) As soon as I finish this report. *

(C) No, tomorrow.

34. Where can I find the electronics department?

(A) It’s on the third floor. *

(B) A new television.

(C) I lost it.

35. You look like you need some rest.

(A) I haven’t been sleeping well lately. *

(B) Which restaurant do you like?

(C) Yes, I looked at it.

36. Does Mr. Novak expect me to call him back or did he say he’s call again?

(A) It’s in the front.

(B) In the meeting hall.

(C) He said he’s call tomorrow. *

37. What does the rising cost mean for our business?

(A) Yes, she’s really busy.

(B) We’ll have to wait and see. *

(C) It’ next to the bank.

38. If we need you, you’ll be able to work overtime, won’t you?

(A) It’s about 9:00.

(B) He starts work tomorrow.

(C) Any day except Thursday. *

39. Why are so many people standing in the park?

(A) That’s a bus stop. *

(B) Since yesterday.

(C) Have a seat.

40. Would you like to go over the South American marketing plan this afternoon?

(A) It’s not available at this supermarket.

(B) Tomorrow would be more convenient. *

(C) No, I said he was from South Africa.

Part 3


(D) A street is blocked. *


(C) To an airport *


(B) Talk to a police officer *


(C) It is near his workplace.*


(B) Asked his neighbors to be quiet*


(A) Speaking to the manager*


(D) In a restaurant *


(B) Using a new computer software*


(B) Attending a training session*


(A) Buying a packed lunch*


(A) Offer discount*


(B) Purchase other items*


(D) Some paper*


(C) Customer service representative*


B) to check on an order *


(D) Saturday *

Part 4


(C) at a dentist’s office *


(D) Friday *


(C) identification card *


(D) in the evening *


(C) wear warm cloth *


(A) Sunny *


(C) Job seekers *


(A) A list of people selected for interviews *


(B) Next to the registration table *


(C) A set of videos *


(B) Potential business owners *


(A) By calling the telephone number *


(B) To provide details about a flight *


(D) Shanghai *


(A) An airline pilot *


(A) A job applicant *


(B) To postpone an appointment *


(B) A telephone call *


(C) To identify dangers in the workplace *


(D) The facilities director *


(B) Send an e-mail *


(A) An exhibit will open. *


(C) To prevent damage to artwork *


(B) Discuss plans for next week *


(C) To inform employees about a road closure *


(D) Use different entrances *

 * 구글어디서봤는지 모르겠어요 =ㅅ=