Performance UltrawebGrid 울트라웹그리드 성능개선, 경량화

2008. 11. 21. 20:30 개발언어/3rd Part

Performance UltrawebGrid
울트라웹그리드 경량화 및 성능개선하는 방법이란다.

아래 링크다

전에 훈스세미나에서 들은 것도 기억난다.
webgird를 감싸고 있는 업데이트 판넬의 암호화를 false로 하면 용량이 조금 줄어든다.
이것도 작지만 큰 팁이다.

포럼에서 질문한 내용에 대해서 답변이다.

WebGrid's™ performance can be improved by using built in functionality, that can change how data is displayed, how much data is displayed at a time, and how Columns can be hidden.

One of the key helpers in improving performance on the WebGrid is using XML Load on Demand, this helps by breaking down your data and sending it to the client in pieces, using AJAX technology to accomplish this functionality.

The use of Paging can help with the performance of displaying the WebGrid. It allows you to only show portions of your data at a time to the end user, and when the user makes a selection it pages more data from the server. The difference between Paging and XML Load on Demand is that paging still requires a postback to fetch the new data, where XML Load on Demand makes Out of Band call backs to get the data; therefore it doesn't require postback to fetch its new data.

Another way to improve the performance of the WebGrid is if you are embedding controls into the cells of the WebGrid to turn those controls ViewState off because there ViewState will be maintained by the grid itself.

The WebGrid also has AJAX Data Editing available, to allow for your users to edit the data client-side and update the database without having to worry about the performance issues surrounding the time to postback to update the database.

Another useful feature available on the Columns is the ServerOnly property which allows you to hide the Columns by stopping the Columns from being sent to the client. This is different from the normal Hidden property on the Columns as this property just hides the column, but the column is still available on the client and can be set to show on the client by un-hiding it client-side. Where as the ServerOnly property sets the Columns so the client doesn't even know that a column is missing.

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