HOWTO:Scrolling the UltraWebGrid programmatically from the client-side
그리드에서 해당하는 로우로 스크롤해서 이동해는 방법

C# 비하인드 코드로 해결하고 싶었지만
Client side에서 해결하는 방법이 많았다.

뭐 C#에서 호출하면 되니깐 상관없다.

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This article describes the use of the scrollToView function.

Additional Information

To scroll an object into view use the following function:

function igtbl_scrollToView(gn,child) - scrolls a child object of the grid (row or cell) into view.

The gn parameter is the name of the grid. The child parameter is the DOM object you want to place into view. The child parameter has to be a child of the grid.

For example if you want to bring recently activated row into view you could use the code like that:

function AfterRowActivate(gn,rowID)
var row=igtbl_getElementById(rowID);

이건 매뉴얼에서 갈무리한것이다.

It may be necessary to scroll into view a cell after selecting it through client-side script. The following JavaScript shows how to select a cell and scroll it into view.

Note: Make sure you have set SelectTypeCellDefault to either Single or Extended.

In JavaScript:

function SelectCell() {
        // Get reference to the WebGrid
        var grid = igtbl_getGridById('UltraWebGrid1');
        // Get a Row and the get a cell in that row
        // Scroll that row and cell into view

조회후에 특정한 로우줄로 갈때 유용하다.