NetAdvantage UltraWebGrid CSOM Overview

2007. 12. 18. 14:23 개발언어/ASP.NET

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Infragistics® NetAdvantage® for ASP.NET (CLR 2.0)

CSOM Overview

WebGrid exposes a robust object model within the client-side JavaScript programming environment. The client-side object model (CSOM) consists of full-fledged JavaScript objects, events, and utility functions that enable developers to program significant units of functionality pertaining to the WebGrid control without the need for server-side postbacks.

In general, the object model is derived directly from the object model as it exists on the server. The property names, events, parameters and return values have very similar meanings to their counterparts on the server. However, where noted, properties are sometimes read-only on the client. These properties are only for informational purposes; you should not modify them.

The following are links to the CSOM reference information for the WebGrid control:

WebGrid Utility Functions

WebGrid Object

Band Object

Column Object

ColumnFilter Object

Activation Object

BorderDetails Object

Client-Side Events

Rows Object

row Object

cell Object

AddNewRow Object

GroupByBox Object

eReqType Enumeration

eReadyState Enumeration

eError Enumeration

eFilterComparisionOperator Enumeration

eFeatureRowView Enumeration

eFilterComparisonType Enumeration

eClipboardOperation Enumeration

eClipboardError Enumeration

StatHeader Object

StatFooter Object

XmlResponse Object